Gensokyo Radio Receiver Receiver
Full Release, with progressive buffering and full metadata support!


What is this:
A simple and lightweight receiver application for the service that also receives metadata such as song name, album, year, artist/circle etc.  No need for browsers or media players, just launch the receiver and tune in.

Update 1.03b:
*Fixed a rare error when restoring the window from being minimized.

Update 1.03: Many improvements, recommended that you update!
+Added copying of song metadata, you can select text with the mouse now.
+Added Minimize to System Tray and you can right click on the icon to Play/Pause/Stop.  Make sure to set the icon to always be visible!
*Now consumes less bandwidth and system resources while minimized (both normally and tray)
*Song time indicators and time bar synchronize faster and more accurately with the radio station
*Fixed error messages that you might rarely randomly receive and also a rare error when closing the program.

Download 1.03b:

Download 1.03b PDB Debug Files: (Needed for debugging crashes, use Visual Studio as debugger)

If you are running Windows Vista or later you skip all this, your computer already has everything!
For Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP you will need to install the .NET Framework 2.0:
For Windows XP/2003 64 bit you will need to install the .NET Framework 2.0 64 bit edition:
For Linux and Macintosh you will have to run it via Mono.
For ReactOS you can either use the .NET Framework 2.0+ or Mono (You will also need sound drivers!).

Danmaku RPG

Touhou Danmaku RPG
Powered by the LunarCast Game Engine and Unity3D

What is this:
This is a project to create an Touhou RPG game that is unique, not restricted by RPG Maker's implementations and implements almost everything in the Touhou world.  This is the first RPG to feature danmaku battles in addition to regular RPG active time battles!  There are also planned Highly Responsive to Prayers style battles where you have to flip all the tiles to win.

Wiki Page:

How is this possible:
Instead of relying on programs such as RPG Maker or danmakufu that are not expandable this game uses Unity3D which can be programmed to pretty much any game mode you can think of!  This has been in development since May so it has a lot to offer!

This is being worked on however it will roughly follow the events of canon starting from shortly before the EoSD incident.  Of course since this is an RPG and not a STG there will be more dialogue and other events between the stages, for example you won't teleport from Rumia's battle to Cirno in EoSD but will have to search around and gather information for finding the cause of the incident.
However there will be a lot of original content/story as the PC98 characters will make an appearance at some point in the game for all you PC98 fans!

I know it might not seem much but starting to write a game from scratch and not using RPG maker is not as easy as you think, you have to do the behind the scenes engine stuff yourself which makes up more than 50% of the game's coding...

Field Module: (Where the RPG Story takes place)
The field is where the player walks around and story takes place

Battle2D Module: (Final fantasy 7 style Active Time Battle where limit breaks are Last Word Spells)

Danmaku Module aka Bullet Heaven

Spell Card: "Proprietary Sign - Direct X"

Main menu
Party menu

Download Latest Rev. (Windows/Mac/Linux): [LunarCast File Storage Folder]

These links will always lead to latest version, the files will be updated without the link changing!

To update your existing game faster, download the Patcher/Updater and point it to your game's folder. (default is ThRPGe)  This way you save bandwidth and time by downloading only the changes between versions and not already existing content.  The current patcher is compatible with R9 and can update it to R10!  If you have an older version you will have to download the full version!

Known bugs: (Please do not re post these below!)
- Slowdown feature for danmaku battles is not consistent, during a slowdown the background does not slow down its speed, also speeds higher than 60 fps do not make the bullets go faster. (Fixed)
- An error appears in the console in the Battle2d (RPG battle) mode.
- FPS Indicator briefly reloads when changing scenes (Non critical)
- You might stop moving while changing scenes and have to press a key to move again

Assistance - Want  to help build this?:
Pretty much anyone interested can help and assistance is welcome, especially:
- Unity3D or C# can help with programming
- 2D Sprite design can help creating tiles for the levels/backgrounds and character design
- Blender3D or Modeling experience can help with creating 3D models for the RPG Battles
- Testers that can test and play through complicated scenarios needed to trigger bugs
- Skilled danmaku players able to judge/assist with the difficulty of the danmaku battles (Skilled means if you can 1cc EoSD/PCB/IN on hard or no deaths normal)
Reply below if you want to help, you can also find me on #shrinemaiden on PpIRC and on our Discord Server!

If you can't help with any of the above don't feel discouraged, post what you think you can do to help on the forums thread!

LunarCast Website Launched

LunarCast Network hosts various software and game projects such as ModularEngine, Gensokyo Radio Receiver and the LunarCast Network Replay Database!