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Kaleidoscope IRC Network or

The Kaleidoscope IRC Network is a low latency communications service primarily for text chat (also for software communication).
Any users (and bots) are welcome provided they follow the server /rules~

Some useful chanels include #lunar and #shrinemaiden, or you could start your own channel by /joining an new/unused channel.

This Network has IRC Services such as NickServ, ChanServ, GameServ among others.

  • NickServ: To prevent your nickname from being taken its recommended you /nickserv register [password] [email] and thereafter using /nickserv identify [password] on join. Find out more about NickServ by typing /nickserv help.
  • ChanServ: To maintain a channel long term without the help of a bot its recommended you /chanserv register it to prevent channel takeovers. Find out more about ChanServ by typing /nickserv help.
  • GameServ: Provides commands such as /gameserv roll and /gameserv eightball among others useful for playing games. Find out more about GameServ by typing /nickserv help.

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