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Name Status Additional Info
Kaleidoscope IRC Network [SUP] Address:, some useful channels include #lunar and #shrinemaiden
Replay Database [SUP][WIP] Upload and share replays!
PDA.TF [SUP] Team Fortress 2 building spot database
RGB Palette Editor [SUP] Graphical Tool for creating and editing 16 color .RGB palettes
Address Utility [SUP] Local IP Address Checker
Revers(ion) Utility [SUP] Windows PE Executable Header Version Editor
ShimAPI [SUP] DLL Library for running programs compiled with the latest compilers on older operating systems
AoCF Netplay Patch [SUP] Enables high-ping connections and implements delay based latency compensation
Netplay Matchmaking Service [SUP] Find netplay games to join and list your IP address if hosting
Mystic Toolkit [SUP] Tools that enable the modification and creation of NEC PC-9821 game data
DDC/WBaWC XP Patch [SUP] EXE Patch to run Touhou DDC and WBaWC on WinXP Receiver [EXT] Lightweight application for listening to


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