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AoCF Netplay Patch

Enables high-ping connections and implements delay based latency compensation

Lunar IRC Channel (Developers): channel #lunar
AoCF Discord (Installation Help / Finding Games):

What is this:
The program corrects the black-screen netplay softlock issue in Touhou 15.5 Antinomy of Common Flowers in addition to enabling delay based latency compensation.
Read the installation instructions before use! Any questions directly solved by the instructions will be ignored, no exceptions!
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Username: aocf - Password: netplay
Download DLL: [Netplay.dll]
Download EXE: [th155n.exe]
Download EXE β: [th155n_beta.exe]
Download All: [] (Zip password: netplay)
If you have trouble downloading the files individually due to anti-virus false positives try using the ZIP bundle.

Black Screen prevention only functions when used by the non-host or both players.
Delay Based Latency compensation only functions effectively when used by both players.
Whitelisting the EXE and/or DLL might be required if an anti-virus is in use. (Labeled "whitelist", "exception" or "exclusion")

Instructions (Standalone AoCF):

  • Download the first two files (DLL and EXE) and place them in the game's folder alongside th155.exe
  • Run the game via th155n.exe from now on (Right click and "Send to.." desktop to create a shortcut if you wish)
Instructions (Standalone AoCF Beta):
  • Download all three files (DLL and EXEs) and place them in the game's folder alongside th155_beta.exe
  • Run the game via th155n_beta.exe from now on (Right click and "Send to.." desktop to create a shortcut if you wish)
Instructions (Language/English Patch):
  • Download only the DLL file and place it in the Language Patch (Touhou Automatic Patcher) folder alongside thcrap.dll (Not in the game's folder!)
  • If thcrap.dll is missing from the Language Patch folder and instead you see folders named bin, config, logs and repos, place it in the bin folder alongside thcrap.dll
  • Run the game via Language Patch (Touhou Automatic Patcher)
The "Steam Version" of AoCF is untested/unsupported, use at your own risk.

Screenshots: Working Netplay Patch
*Actual gameplay experience may vary depending on network conditions, an Ethernet connection with ~300ms or lower ping is recommended. This is provided free of charge, the author(s) and contributor(s) make no guarantees for fitness for any particular purpose.

Do not redistribute or mirror any content found on the LunarCast Network, its subsidiaries and partner networks in any form without explicit written permission from the Administrators.

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