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Re-version PE Header Editor

Edit compatibility flags in EXE headers

IRC Channel: channel #lunar

What is this:
This small utility allows modification of the PE Optional Image Header which contains the Operating System Major & Minor version and the SubSystem Major & Minor version. While ShimAPI can provide an operating system's missing functions it is unable to modify the executable image to allow certain operating systems to recognize it.

Download 32-bit (Win95/WinNT3.1+): [Revers32.exe]
Download 64-bit (WinXP64+): [Revers64.exe]

Syntax is "REVERS32.EXE OSysMajor OSysMinor SubSysMajor SubSysMinor"
Recommended values for OSysMajor OSysMinor are 1 and 0 respectively.
SubSystem Major/Minor values for making a program run on at least x operating system are found below:

Operating System Major Version Minor Version
Minimum value 3* 10
Windows 3.11 Win32s** / NT 3.1/3.5/3.51 3* 10
Windows 95/98/SE/ME / NT 4.0 4 0
Windows 2000 5 0
Windows XP 5 1
Windows XP (x64) 5 2
Windows Vista 6 0
Windows 7 6 1
Windows 8 6 2
Windows 10 10 0
*Using Major values below 4 will cause narrow window borders and minor UI adjustments on Windows 9x however 4.0 marked programs will run on 3.x operating systems
** Win32s requires the program to contain a relocation section (Disable Fixed and Randomized Base Address in linker settings)

Command line usage Command line usage

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