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Revers(ion) PE Header Editor

A ShimAPI utility

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What is this:
This small utility allows modification of the PE Optional Image Header which contains the Operating System Major & Minor version and the SubSystem Major & Minor version. While ShimAPI can provide an operating system's missing functions it is unable to modify the executable image to allow certain operating systems to recognize it.

Syntax is "REVERS32.EXE OSysMajor OSysMinor SubSysMajor SubSysMinor"
Recommended values for OSysMajor OSysMinor are 1 and 0 respectively.
SubSystem Major/Minor values for making a program run on at least x operating system are found below:

Operating System Major Version Minor Version
Minimum value 3* 10
Windows 3.11 Win32s** / NT 3.1/3.5/3.51 3* 10
Windows 95/98/SE/ME / NT 4.0 4 0
Windows 2000 5 0
Windows XP 5 1
Windows XP (x64) 5 2
Windows Vista 6 0
Windows 7 6 1
Windows 8 6 2
Windows 10 10 0
*Using Major values below 4 will cause narrow window borders and minor UI adjustments on Windows 9x however 4.0 marked programs will run on 3.x operating systems
** Win32s requires the program to contain a relocation section (Disable Fixed and Randomized Base Address in linker settings)

Command line usage Command line usage

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