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ShimAPI Compatibility Engine

Used in Danmakufu Remake to run on additional operating systems

IRC Channel: channel #lunar

What is this:
This compatibility engine allows a program to be compiled using the latest compilers and still work on old operating systems Additionally new features such as UTF-16 and UTF-8 can be used freely without breaking compatibility with non Unicode aware operating systems. Furthermore some new Windows API functions can also be used and automatically be emulated on operating systems that do not support them.

Danmakufu Remake running on Windows 98 using ShimAPI (Compiled with MSVC 2017) Danmakufu Remake using ShimAPI

Providing UTF-8 and UTF-16 support on various operating systems Unicode String handling
Providing missing functions through emulation or substitute functions Missing function handling

Please note that this is a work in progress and it might not be feature complete, visit the Discord Server to find out about updates and new additions!

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